We’ve gone ahead and compiled the ultimate promotional mechanic list for you to use on all your summer sales promotions, we’ve then added how we could help with each sales promotion technique.

Cashback & Money Back Guarantee

How it Works:

  • By purchasing the promotional product, the consumer can claim a predetermined amount of cash back. This can be via a bank transfer, a cheque, or even a prepaid card.
  • The MBG works in a similar vein but rewards consumers with a full refund.

Mando’s Role:

  • Providing cashback to the consumer.
  • Fulfilment and handling costs per valid redemption.
  • Payment of each valid redemption via appropriate retailers.


Cinema and Music

How it Works:

  • Consumers can receive a free cinema ticket or downloadable song with each purchase.

Mando’s Role:

  • All ticket costs.


Gift with Purchase

How it Works:

  • Consumers would find an URN inside the product label, which could then be entered onto a promotional micro-site (alongside their personal details) to claim their free gift.

Mando’s Role:

  • Full development of the promotional microsite.
  • Complete customer service, providing a call centre and mail feedback.
  • Weekly redemption reports.
  • All handling and fulfilment for valid/invalid redemptions.


Million Pound Draws

How it Works:

  • Money Bags 1 in 100 chance to win £250,000. Envelope Pick Contest (1 from 100).
  • Purchase over XXXX on at least 2 of the products in one transaction and enter a draw to win the chance to play for the top prize of £250,000 or receive a consolation prize of £5,000.

Mando’s Role:

  • Allocation of an independent adjudicator.
  • Provide 100 secure envelopes for the contest numbered 1-100 plus one control envelope. The control envelope will contain the envelope numbers which contain the winning symbols.
  • Mando pays out the jackpot prize.


Game Cards

How it Works:

  • Consumers who shopped in retail stores and spend at least €25 are gifted a scratch card, which provides the opportunity to win either a €500, €250, €100 (E-Gift Card) or a €5 MONP coupon, by scratching and revealing 3 matching symbols out of 9.
  • Potentially winning cards are sent off alongside the original till receipt, personal details, a form of identification, and an email address.

Mando’s Role:

  • Fully reimbursing the client for valid redemptions claimed and won by the consumers during the promotional term.
  • Executing, printing, mixing, and delivering the scratch cards to the client; all under one safe Fixed Fee Solution.


Text 2 Win

How it Works:

  • Consumers will see the on-pack communication; having purchased the product, they can find the URN on the reverse of the label. From there, consumers can text the URN to the promotional phone number, which receives a bounce-back message detailing their success.

Mando’s Role:

  • The cost of all valid text-to-win redemptions and fulfilment.
  • Liaising with directly with reward suppliers.
  • The cost of rewards to be dispatched from the Mop Up Draw.
  • Validation and security checks.
  • All bounce-back text costs.


Social and Online

How it Works:

  • Consumers will see the promotion communication on promotional packs; having purchased the product, the consumer can find the 10 digit URN on the pack. This code can be entered online, for a chance to win top-tier prizes.

Mando’s Role:

  • The cost of all valid click-to-win redemptions and fulfilment.
  • Liaising directly with reward suppliers.
  • The cost of rewards to be dispatched from the Mop Up Draw.
  • Validation and security checks.
  • Providing a fully developed promotional micro-site.



Alex Addison

Marketing & UK Accounts Assistant

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